About us

leclerc Magicfold™ makes life Easy with just One Touch

We are the Leclerc Stroller Company, supplier for the leclerc Magicfold™ serie strollers. LSC is a young and innovative company, proud to bring Dutch design and the aim to shake up the baby stroller market. The origin of leclerc lies in the Netherlands, our European office and showroom is based in the heart of Rotterdam.

The traditional stroller market hasn’t been challenged much. The range of brands and models expanded but most of them showed limited innovations. We challenged ourselves to develop an ‘all in one’ stroller that comes with a basinette (cradle) and a buggy seat. The leclerc Magicfold™ Sport and Plus serie strollers are ultra light weighted and folds and un-folds by the touch of just one button!

The leclerc Magicfold™ series are designed for a modern (city) lifestyle where weight, size, style and comfort plays an important role. With great attention to detail, the leclerc stroller has a great ergonomic seat, an easy to use buckle belt and soft air chamber wheels for maximum comfort.

At leclerc we are focused on innovative products and designs that breath ultimate comfort and are extremely user friendly, convenient and low weight. The Magicfold™ strollers are an expression of lifestyle and offer great comfort for the parent(s) and child. Premium quality for affordable prices.

Our collection is targeted for the age group 0-5 years and includes a full range of accessories that offer extra comfort and joy, such as the wheeled board or various adapters.

See life unfold.