Unboxing the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller

Woehoe, package day!

Yeah! When the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller arrived at my door, I let out a little scream! For me, parenting began with purchasing all of the baby's necessities, as well as trying out strollers and selecting furniture for the baby's room. I believe it is all part of the process of becoming a parent. So, the day the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller arrived I couldn’t wait to unpack it! Buying and choosing a stroller is one of the bigger purchases you need to do for your little one. Therefore it is important to get good advice on the various types of strollers as well as the benefits and drawbacks of your potential stroller.

Unboxing the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller

I received the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller in a very compact container. I was surprised a stroller like this would fit in this carton box. I expected the stroller to be difficult to put together, yet the opposite is true. All I had to do was click the wheels into the wheel bracket, hold the handle up, and lift the back of the stroller to open it. All of this happened in a matter of seconds! I couldn't believe how simple the unfolding was at first, but it's actually rather simple, and I can't stop playing around with it! Another interesting detail is that the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller comes with a shoulder strap travel bag, making it simple to store and transport the stroller.

A stunning design and functionality

For me, design is just as important as functionality. I'd like to be on-trend as a fashion designer, and with this stroller, I can definitely stand out from the crowd. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the luxurious appeal of the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller. Thanks to its army green color and rose-colored accents it is a real eye-catcher. The stroller also includes a sun canopy with a magnetic flap-over, so you can have a peek at your baby during your stroll, as well as a cupholder so you can enjoy your morning coffee on the go. With the diaper bag attachment points it is easy to attach the diaper bag, so it prevents you from having backaches from dragging it around all day. The accessories such as the diaper bag and organizer are sold separately, I will give a review about these items later on.

From baby to toddler

I also received a second box including the Leclerc Baby bassinet. With the available adapters, it is easy to turn your stroller into a stroller suitable for your newborn baby. The bassinet is very spacious and comfortable due to its softly padded fabric. And the design matches the stroller perfectly. With the various adapters, the car seat may easily be attached to the stroller, making it ideal for quick car trips where the bassinet is not required. Simply store the bassinet after your baby reaches the age of six months, and your stroller will be ready to use for the following five years. 

Benefits and drawbacks

What I really love about the Leclerc Baby Influencer stroller is the fact that it is very smooth and easy to lift due to its lightweight. It’s easy to maneuver along small sidewalks and ideal for transporting in a compact car like mine. I store the stroller in the hallway, it takes up little space, so it fits perfectly. A rain cover, a travel bag with a shoulder strap, a cupholder, and a sun canopy with 50+ SPF are among the many extras included with the stroller. The only minor drawback is that the push bar is not height-adjustable, making it a little low for my boyfriend. Also, I couldn't figure out whether the sun canopy on the buggy part could be removed when the bassinet was added. While holding the push bar, I feel like the canopy is a bit in the way. Luckily, Leclerc Baby is always happy to help out and they made a video to show how the sun canopy can be removed!

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