What to Pack in a Changing Bag

With a newborn, you can't leave the house without planning every little detail. Let's take naps for example. It's tough to schedule anything because everything revolves around the little man's naps. And, in order to avoid him becoming Mr. Grumpy Pants, we must return in time to put him to bed. So it is obvious that you need a diaper bag! Consider it your safety blanket for adults that you want to have with you AT ALL TIMES! A well-packed diaper bag will save you from messy situations and will make you ready for a stress-free walk in the park with your newborn.

The things you need to pack in your diaper bag depend on where you are going, how long you will be away from home and of course the weather. It also depends on the baby’s age and your own preferences. Use the below checklist as a guide for packing your diaper bag for a quick outing or a day trip.


First things first, you don’t want to leave the house without taking some diapers with you. A diaper for every two hours you’re away will be a good start, even though you should consider to take some extra with you to save you from messy (and smelly) situations.


Baby wipes are indispensable. You can use them literally for everything. From cleaning your baby’s bottoms and face to cleaning dirty tables at the McDonald’s when you are craving the usual burger.

Changing mat

It can be included in the diaper bag and it is so easy to lay down and change your baby wherever you are. So much better than the standard changing pads they have at the restaurant’s bathroom if you are wondering!

Bottles and feeding supplies

Remember to always pack the baby bottle with some extra bottle nipples just in case one is dropped on the floor. You can pack the powdered formula to mix with hot water carried in a thermos jug and have a bottle of cold water with you to mix with the hot water to reach the perfect temperature to mix the formula with.

Extra pair of clothes

After your baby poop all over his clothes someday, you will never forget to pack it again.

Diaper disposal bags (scented)

You never know when the poopy diapers introduces themselves and you want to save yourself the embarrassment of walking around with a smelly diaper you cannot throw away.

Toys and snacks

Do not forget to bring some toys and snacks to entertain your baby if you need to wait somewhere. Believe my, you don't want to have a bored baby when you are not at home!

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