Manufacturer’s Warranty

LSC Europe B.V. - as a manufacturer of the Leclerc Baby strollers -  warrants consumers that the product shall be free from material and manufacturing defects and warrants a normal functioning under normal conditions, according to the user guide and technical specifications for a period of 24 months, after the original date of purchase. This covers all manufacturing defects on the chassis, frame, and wheels and all the textiles pieces and harnesses of the Leclerc Baby strollers.

Any manufacturer’s warranty applies without prejudice to any rights or allocated by law, such as statutory warranty. A statutory warranty implies that a product is or should function as can reasonably be expected by the consumer.

This manufacturer’s warranty applies only in the region in which the product was purchased. LSC Europe B.V. guarantees that the product will be in compliance only with the statutory provisions and/or government regulations that apply in the region in which the product was sold. The manufacturer’s warranty is not transferable and may therefore only be invoked by the first owner. 

The manufacturer’s warranty provides a right to repair unless the manufacturer is of the opinion that replacement or return of the product is necessary. The manufacturer will bear the expense and risk of transport from and to the retailer.

Any claim under this manufacturer’s warranty you must be provided with:
·        a clear description of the complaint
·        a copy of the original receipt of purchase;
·        the defective product
·        and/or photographs of the defective part or product.

What is covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

The manufacturer’s guarantee applies in respect of the product and covers the following: all manufacturing defects in the chassis, frame, wheels, adapters (frame and car seat adapters), zippers, all parts of the harness of your Leclerc Baby stroller, seams in the covering, self-adhesive straps and colorfastness.

The manufacturer's warranty will void in the following circumstances:

·        If you have made or arranged for unauthorized modifications or repairs to be made without first having received written permission from LSC Europe B.V. or the retailer.
·        Defects resulting from neglect or an accident and/or from any use or maintenance other than that indicated in the user guide, including improper storage and product care.
·        Any damage to the product caused by normal regular wear and tear, including damage to push bars or upholstery due to normal daily use of the product and holes or tears in the tires.
·        Any transport damage. Tip: always carefully inspect your Leclerc Baby stroller carefully after it was shipped by an airline (or other carriers) and in case of any damage immediately file a claim with the carrier.
·        Customer dissatisfaction with the product in terms of design, weight, functionality or color


The manufacturer’s warranty period for this product is 24 months from the purchase date indicated on the sales receipt. Save the sales receipt in a safe place and make a copy of it. If you submit a claim under this manufacturer’s warranty you must first contact your retailer.

LSC Europe B.V. can be reached for service and support via:

Phone: +31(0)103027847

LSC Europe B.V. reserves the right to amend these manufacturer’s warranty provisions.