Pregnancy journey

Leclerc Baby asked me if I can bring you along on my pregnancy journey and share my own experience. Via this way we hope to create a community where we bring experts together with parents to be, who are of course (just like me) full of questions! So have a look at my various experiences so far and hopefully, our tips and my stories will be of help to you! Do you have questions you would like to ask, topics you would like to be covered or great mom hacks everyone should know about? Feel free to send an email to

Let me quickly introduce myself...

My name is Stephanie (30), a Fashion Stylist and Graphic Designer by profession. In my spare time, I like to write blogs on my own website; Survivalguidetoadulthood. Here I like to write about topics that are socially important, and difficult for people to talk about. Together with my boyfriend (30), we rent a small house in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands and we are living our best life. We are about to embark on a new adventure; We are pregnant!

Part 1: The transformation from being a couple to being a family

When will I be ready to start having kids? That I wanted to become a mother was always certain. Growing up with an older brother and sister made me become an aunt at an early age. I really liked the big picture of having kids that they showed me every time that I see them. The question however was when will I be ready to start having kids?

I always had a picture in mind of what the future would look like; Meet the perfect guy, buy a house, get married and then have babies. What silly of me to think that the future can be planned! As the housing market is a total disaster in the Netherlands and house prices are rising, it was clear that buying a house was not something that would happen real quick in our case. We needed a new plan and we needed to start making grown-up decisions.

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Part 2: The transformation from being a couple to being a family

Old vs new lifestyle. The moment I announced that I was pregnant, I immediately got bombarded by different moms with unintended “good” advice about different kinds of topics that relate to having kids. It made me question what kind of mom I should be.

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All these decisions, where to start?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go baby shopping in one of the biggest baby stores in the neighborhood and found myself completely overwhelmed! Left and right, choices for different kinds of strollers; big or small, cheap or expensive, city strollers and strollers for the more outdoorsy parents. It left me totally confused and made me leave the store upset and in full ugly crying. Why do they give women hormones?!

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The unboxing process 

Yeah! I felt so excited when the Leclerc Baby package arrived at my doorstep! For me parenting already started by buying all the supplies for the baby, but also trying out strollers and picking out the furniture for the baby’s room. It is all part of becoming parents, I think. So, the day the Leclerc influencer stroller arrived I couldn’t wait to unpack it! Buying and choosing a stroller is one of the bigger purchases you need to do for your little one. Therefore it is important to take in good advice about the different types of strollers and the advantages and disadvantages of your future stroller.

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