About us

Leclerc Baby–about us
Leclerc Baby was developed from the ambition to be free and to increase freedom ofmovement for parents. Leclerc Baby stands for smart solutions.Problemsexist to be solved and our brand was created with this in mind. As a parent, youautomatically deal with less freedom of movement, a limitation that does not need to exist,according to the pioneers behind Leclerc Baby.“We put our innovative minds together and our vision soon became clear...”

Making Parenting Easier
There are no written rules for parenthood. Parenting brings with it an enormous change, aworld filled with love and new challenges. We at Leclerc Baby want parents to feel thefreedom to travel and ease parenthood. Our vision is clear: support parents in easing theirdaily role during this new phase of life. Our enthusiastic professionals, with a passion forsimplicity, devote a great deal of attention to devising and developing high-quality goodsbefore a Leclerc Baby product hits the market. They always ensure safety is paramount andthey are focused on our core values: convenience and comfort. We’ve set ourselves apartfrom the pack with our luxury strollers. Let us tell you how we managed to do so

Never alone, always together
Every parent has felt the need for an extra set of hands when it comes to folding andunfolding a stroller. This can often lead to quite some frustration, which can prevent youfrom offering your son or daughter theattention they deserve. Problems such as theseshould be a thing of the past. Therefore, we have equipped our strollers with 100%convenience. You fold and unfold our stroller with the simple push of a button, freeing yourother arm to stay focused on your child. Children on the side of the road can get themselvesin trouble very quickly, and our strollers help alleviate that stress. From now on, you willalways be able to fully focus on your child. With this functionality, which seamlesslyconnects toour"smart solutions"promise, we have brought an innovative development to market

We deliver with love and Care
Parenting hack:“Why does it all come so easily to you?”,“Because I own a Leclerc Baby”.Our strollers are compact,lightweight and easily stored in small spaces, keeping yourmodern (city) lifestyle in mind. With great attention to detail and design, the Leclerc Babystroller has a comfortable, soft padded seat andfour-wheelsuspension for maximumcomfort, and is available in different variants and several elegant colors. As a parent, it is important that you can focus on what really matters. If you ever have anyquestions about our products, contact our customer service. Our best professionals arealways available toanswer all your questions, and you are always helped right away. Ourpersonal approach will ensure you always feel heard, and no question is too small. We are also available through email or our chat function. Simply reach us in your preferred way, and w e'll make sure it's all taken care of with the simple press of a button! MAKING PARENTING EASIER! LECLERC BABY